Brokerage Fee Calculator

How much money will you save by partnering with Carl Guild & Associates?

Step 1: Figure out your Sales Volume for Last Year

Go into the SmartMLS and click Market Reports > Agent Production Detail. Enter your timeframe (January 1st of the prior year to December 31st of the prior year), then enter your MLS ID under Agent. Check off all property types and click "Generate Report". Your Sales Volume is calculated all way on the bottom of the Volume column.

Step 2: What was your Agent Commission Split?

Step 3: Does your brokerage take a percentage off the top?

Many brokerages take 6% off the top for a “marketing fee”, or “franchise fee”.

Step 4: Did you cover any of your clients' “Admin” fees or “Additional Commission”?

Many brokerages charge an additional $150 or $195 fee to your clients for an “admin fee” or “additional commission”. Did you cover any of these fees for your clients?

Step 5: Did you pay any “Technology Fees” to your brokerage?

Many brokerages charge an additional annual fee per year to use their technology.

Step 6: Did you pay for E&O Insurance?

Brokerages will typically charge you an additional annual fee per year for insurance.

Total Amount of Fees paid to your brokerage! Are you ready to change brokerages?

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